Research and Development of Intellectual Property Rights

Teliti dan Kembangkan HAKI


Welcome to the home page of UNILA IPR CENTRE! This is the place to welcome people to our business and services,  site, tell them about ourself and the site and our business.  Photos are worth 1,000 words, so we have some photos of our business. Happy Net Surfing and give me idea for Site Building! My another website is Unila IPR Centre (now: Sentra HAKI) takes place one room in Research Institution at 5th floor Gedung Rektorat of Lampung University. Our room is left side after you come in. See you in our office. We receive some student to learn about IPR. We invite some lecturer to be our staff in IPR management so we can do a lot of duty in the future.

As a follow-up Permendikbud Decree No. 72 of 2014 on the Organization and Work of Lampung University, Research Institute transformed into Institute for Research and Community Service. As a consequence, Intellectual Property Rights Center transformed into the Center for Research and Development of Intellectual Property Rights in 2015, with the Chairman Meizano Ardhi MuhammadS.T. and Secretary xxx (Lecturer in Lampung University). In new spirit, we want to develop infra-structure to our mission like faculty IPR systems, knowledge and technopark, social media costumization, etc. Please read URL

FITUR UTAMA: 1) Home; 2) Profil; 3) Balai /Bidang /Bagian; 4) Layanan; 5) Produk; 6) Berita; 7) Program LitBang; 8) Link terkait; 9) Publikasi; 10) Help. ICON UTAMA: a) Hasil LitBang; b) SIG HAKI; c) Standar, Pedoman, Manual; d) Jurnal; e) Basis data. PORTAL: SISTEM HKI FKIP juga membantu PUSLITBANG HAKI dalam pergaulan di kancah internasional. PRIORITAS: KAJIAN AKADEMIS BENCANA khususnya guru dan pendidikan kebencanaan.

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